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What is CanadaBuys?


CanadaBuys is a new suite of online procurement services launched by Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) to modernize and improve the way we do business together. This exciting change will better serve all Canadian businesses wanting to sell to the Government of Canada, regardless of their size or geographic location.

On this page:

CanadaBuys makes our procurement processes simpler, more efficient, and easier to use and access by moving everything online. The suite includes:

  • a website with information on how our processes work, helpful how-to guides, and other useful resources
  • a single place to view tender opportunities from federal, provincial and territorial governments, as well as municipalities, academic institutions, schools and hospitals
  • the SAP Business Network, a global community of registered buyers and businesses, which allows businesses to bid on opportunities posted by PSPC

What doing business through CanadaBuys looks like

Buyers post clear and consistent tender notices on CanadaBuys to outline what they are looking to buy. In response, businesses can easily ask questions and submit bids showing what they can offer and at what cost.

In many cases, PSPC posts tender notices on behalf of other federal departments, designated agencies and Crown corporations. PSPC does this using SAP Ariba, a cloud-based procurement solution where businesses and buyers can connect on a single platform. It allows registered businesses to more easily bid on tender opportunities, manage contracts, and plan orders for goods and services from the Government of Canada.

Ultimately, SAP Ariba allows businesses to:

  • access Government of Canada tender opportunities for free
  • create one company profile, instead of having to resubmit the same information with each new bid
  • work in a safe and secure online environment
  • improve their bid quality by getting answers to their questions directly online
  • subscribe to receive notifications for contract expiry dates, amendments, competition extensions and cancellations, and more
  • save time by removing the need to drop off paper copies

Learn more about how to register in SAP Ariba.

Moving from Buyandsell to CanadaBuys

CanadaBuys has become the official source for tender and award notices for the Government of Canada and the broader Canadian public sector. You can now search and bid on tender opportunities posted on the CanadaBuys tender opportunities page

This change is the next step in the Government of Canada’s transition from Buyandsell to CanadaBuys. The transition is taking place over time, and information about how we do business will be brought over to the CanadaBuys website in stages. You will start to see pages on the Buyandsell website redirecting to CanadaBuys. 

Designing with us

The website is still under development, so you will continue to see updates to our services and across the site. As CanadaBuys evolves, we will continue to consult with businesses and conduct ongoing research and usability testing to better understand their needs. If you are a Canadian business owner or representative, we welcome you to take part in our testing. Your valuable input helps us improve our website design and services, and could lead to new features on CanadaBuys.

Learn more about how you can design with us.

Have questions?

We are here to help you every step of the way, to make our online procurement services seamless. Connect with our Service Desk if you have questions or need help. Our Service Desk agents are here to support you.

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