Cold Climate Aviation Technologies – Ground Icing Research and Development

Solicitation number T8080-230180

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Closing date and time 2023/08/23 14:00 EDT

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    Cold Climate Aviation Technologies – Ground Icing Research and Development

    Solicitation Number: T8080-230180

    Transport Canada would like to increase data collection from tests conducted with artificial snow and to
    validate the results.

    The purpose of this Advance Contract Award Notice (ACAN) is to signal the government's intention to
    award a contract for this database to AMIL Anti-icing Materials International Laboratory.
    Before awarding a contract, however, the government would like to provide other suppliers with the
    opportunity to demonstrate that they are capable of satisfying the requirements set out in this Notice, by
    submitting a statement of capabilities during the ACAN posting period.

    If other potential suppliers submit statements of capabilities during the fifteen-calendar day posting
    period, and meet the requirements set out in the ACAN, the department must proceed to a full tendering
    process on either the governments electronic tendering service or through traditional means, in order to
    award the contract.

    If no other supplier submits, on or before the closing date, a statement of capabilities meeting the
    requirements set out in the ACAN, a contract will be awarded to the pre-selected supplier.

    Low temperature precipitation (e.g., ice, snow, melted snow, freezing rain, freezing mist) leads to aircraft
    icing and can have a significant impact on aircraft performance (e.g., thrust and lift). Aircraft operators
    and airport authorities currently limit ice build-up by using de/anti-icing fluids. These fluids are generally
    applied to various sections of aircraft in order to reduce the safety risks related to aircraft icing.
    Some aspects of de/anti-icing fluid performance tests are performed in natural snowfall conditions. This
    testing can sometimes be difficult to conduct because specific precipitation and temperature conditions
    need to be observed. In order to overcome these difficulties, speed up testing and reduce costs,
    Transport Canada is committed to testing the use of an artificial snow machine when establishing
    holdover times for de/anti-icing fluids.

    The objective of this project is to test artificial snow machine technology that could be used to evaluate
    holdover performance of aircraft de/anti-icing fluids. Another objective is to identify processes that can be
    used to improve the efficiency of artificial snow machines, and to make modifications to existing machines
    taking into account the differences between outdoor and indoor results. These objectives should help
    achieve the ultimate goal of performing fluid evaluation tests in a fully simulated environment.

    The purpose of this project is to conduct basic research to understand the behaviour of aircraft de/antiicing fluids. This understanding will make it possible to develop a method to measure fluid holdover times.
    The general objectives of the research are as follows:
    a) Strengthen and deepen fundamental knowledge of how snow accumulates in natural and
    laboratory environments and how that snow interacts with aircraft anti-icing fluid products.
    • Study the mechanics governing the interaction between the fluid and snow, such as:
    i. Absorption by measuring the amount of snow absorbed and the rate of fluid
    dilution to the point of failure for different scenarios;Transport
    ii. Flow rate as a function of fluid dilution by running endurance tests, using
    various sensors and image analysis methods;
    iii. The thermodynamics involved when the fluid dilutes snow by using thermal
    analysis and calorimetry.
    b) Improve laboratory snow making capabilities and improve snow machines to reproduce the
    conditions observed in the natural environment as closely as possible.
    • Improve the representativeness of the method and machine (snow used, snow
    depositing, application of fluid, etc.);
    • Ensure that the machine has a high level of reproducibility in regard to fluid test results
    under different snow conditions;
    • Make the equipment mobile;
    • Study different methods of artificially making snow and study their different properties.
    c) Study the correlation between natural snow and artificially manufactured snow.
    • Perform endurance tests according to the conditions established by Transport Canada;
    • Discuss the correlation results;
    • Participate in meetings with APS and TC/FAA;
    • Discuss recommended changes to guidance documents (SAE ARP5485, TP14052).
    To achieve these objectives, three SAE AMS1428 fluids will be assessed. One Type III fluid, one Type IV
    fluid (EG) and one Type IV fluid (PG). Each fluid will come from a different manufacturer and will be
    supplied by Transport Canada.
    d) Perform research and testing to understand the impacts on icing on Remotely Piloted
    Aircraft Systems on an as needed basis (optional).
    The contractor must submit milestone reports every six months. These reports must describe the
    activities completed, key results and progress in the testing schedule. Any specific problems or setbacks
    must be reported.
    At the end of the contract, a final report must be produced. A draft copy of the final report must be sent in
    Word format to the project authority. This report must contain a general description of the completed
    tests, the results of each test and any other relevant observations for review and comment.
    When the document is deemed responsive and comments are made, the final version of the final report
    must be submitted by the contractor no later than five days before the scheduled end date of the contract.
    Once the progress reports and the final report are accepted, they can be delivered in Word or PDF

    Transport Canada is seeking a service provider who can provide performance testing of aircraft ground
    anti-icing and de-icing products on artificial snow that meets all of the mandatory requirements set out
    below. Any interested supplier must demonstrate by way of a statement of capabilities that it meets these

    1. The service provider must have a research infrastructure that allows the simulation of several
    winter hydrometeors under controlled temperature conditions. The minimum operating limits for a
    cold room must be -35°C and a wind tunnel temperature down to -40°C.Transport
    2. The service provider must have expertise, acquired over the past 20 years, in the development of
    methodologies and devices to assess the performance and effectiveness of aircraft ground antiicing and de-icing strategies.
    3. The service provider must have a device allowing the simulation of snow precipitation artificially
    formed in a laboratory. This device should allow, under controlled laboratory conditions, to
    measure the effectiveness time of anti and de-icing products and fluids under snow.
    4. The service provider must be a recognized laboratory where it is possible to certify the fluids used
    on aircraft in terms of aerodynamic elimination or even anti-icing performance.
    5. The service provider must have a track record of presenting aircraft ground icing and anti-icing
    R&D results at conferences and international workshops.
    6. The service provider must have an interdisciplinary staff including PhD in fields such as
    engineering, laboratory testing and technical report writing.

    The International Laboratory of Anti-Icing Materials (LIMA) is a laboratory of the University of Quebec at
    Chicoutimi, working in research in the field of de-icing and anti-icing products used for aircraft, structures
    and airport runways. It is recognized as being the only laboratory in the world where it is possible to
    certify the fluids used on aircraft in terms of aerodynamic elimination or even anti-icing performance.
    LIMA has a unique research infrastructure allowing the simulation of several winter hydrometeors under
    controlled temperature conditions. The minimum operating limits for cold rooms are -40°C with an
    accuracy of 0.5°C and in a wind tunnel down to -45°C.
    The LIMA team has expertise, acquired over the past 30 years, in the development of methodologies and
    devices to assess the performance and effectiveness of anti-icing and de-icing strategies. Among these,
    a device allowing the simulation of snow precipitation, artificially formed in the laboratory. The latter was
    developed by the LIMA research team in collaboration with the industry and allows, under controlled
    laboratory conditions, to measure the effectiveness time of products under snow. For the moment there is
    only one copy of the device, which is at UQAC.
    LIMA's current team is diversified and allows it to carry out international projects in line with the needs of
    the industry. Its mission is to support research and development in this field while prioritizing the training
    of highly qualified personnel.

    The following exception (s) to the Government Contracts Regulations is (are) invoked for this
    procurement under subsection 6 (d) – “only one person is capable of performing the work”
    AMIL Anti-icing Materials International Laboratory is the only known service provider that meets all the
    mandatory criteria as described within; no alternative source of supply is known.

    AMIL Anti-icing Materials International Laboratory
    Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
    555 Blvd De L’université
    Chicoutimi, Quebec
    G7H 2B1

    Suppliers who consider themselves fully qualified and available to provide the services/goods described
    herein, may submit a Statement of Capabilities in writing, preferably by e-mail, to the contact person
    identified in this Notice on or before the closing date and time of this Notice. The Statement of
    Capabilities must clearly demonstrate how the supplier meets the advertised requirements.
    Responses received on or before the closing date will be considered solely for the purpose of deciding
    whether to conduct a competitive procurement. Information provided will be used by the Crown for
    technical evaluation purposes only and is not to be construed as a competitive solicitation. Your written
    response must provide sufficient evidence (e.g. specifications, technical data, drawings, or any other
    proof) that clearly demonstrates that your product or service is capable of fulfilling this requirement.
    Suppliers that have submitted a response will be notified in writing of TC’s decision to continue with the
    non-competitive procurement or to compete for the requirement.

    All intellectual property created, conceived or made exclusively by the contractor in the framework of this
    contract will remain the property of the contractor.
    The contractor will grant Transport Canada a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free license for
    the use of intellectual property for non-commercial purposes.

    There are no Trade Agreements applicable to this ACAN.
    Exercising the following exception: The protection of patents, copyrights, or other exclusive rights

    There are no security requirements for this contract.

    Contract award date to March 31, 2027
    The contract will include two (2) additional one (1) year period under the same conditions to be activated
    at the discretion of Transport Canada.

    The estimated value of the contract including option years is $436,050.00.


    Submissions received after this date and time will not be accepted.

    Inquiries and statement of capabilities are to be submitted in writing to:
    Diane Jazzar
    A/Procurement Specialist
    Transport Canada

    Contract duration

    The estimated contract period will be 43 month(s), with a proposed start date of 2023/08/28.

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    • No trade agreements are applicable to this solicitation process

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    • Exclusive Rights

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    Contact information

    Contracting organization

    Transport Canada

    330 Sparks Street

    Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0N5
    Contracting authority
    Diane Jazzar
    (613) 866-4767

    330 Sparks Street

    Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0N5
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    43 month(s)
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