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List of tender notices. The columns are sortable in ascending and descending order.
Title Category Open/amendment date Closing date Organization
280 Slater Workspaces 17th and 18th Floors EP076-240601 Goods 2023/12/01
2023/12/07 Department of Public Works and Government…
Supply & Deliver New Welding Equipment Packages to NSCC Akerley… Goods 2023/12/01 2023/12/21 Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC)
Kicking Horse River Dike Improvements Project 2023/12/01 2023/12/20 Town of Golden
Letter of Interest NOTICE TO INDUSTRY - Audio-Visual Production Services Services 2023/12/01 2023/12/31 Department of Public Works and Government…
Surgical Lights and Arms Preventative Maintenance and As needed Services Services 2023/12/01
2023/12/14 The Ottawa Hospital
Market study to assess national and regional deep retrofit needs,… Services 2023/12/01
2023/12/04 Natural Resources Canada
ACAN – Service Contract for High Resolution Mass Spectrometer ID-X Services related to goods 2023/12/01 2023/12/18 Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Vacuum truck services Services 2023/12/01 2023/12/12 Department Of National Defence
ScaleUp014 - Occupational Therapists Services 2023/12/01
2023/12/13 Shared Services Canada
RF Cable Goods 2023/12/01
2023/12/11 Fisheries and Oceans
Assistive Voting Technology Development (AVTD): Independent Ballot… Services 2023/12/01
2023/12/12 Elections Canada
Winterlude 2024 Security coverage Jacques-Cartier Park north – Snowflake Services 2023/12/01 2023/12/14 Department of Canadian Heritage
EnerGuide Rating System Third-Party Quality Assurance Audit Services Services 2023/12/01
2023/12/08 Natural Resources Canada
Keysafe Upgrade - Kent Institution Services related to goods 2023/12/01 2023/12/19 Correctional Services Canada
Archibus IT Professional Services Services 2023/12/01
2023/12/15 Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
Competitive Request for Proposals Services 2023/12/01
2023/12/14 Department of Community & Government…
Arctic Zooplankton Taxonomy Services 2023/12/01 2023/12/18 Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Simulation Training Services 2023/12/01 2023/12/18 Correctional Service Canada
Actuarial Services for Workers’ Compensation Benefits Services 2023/12/01 2023/12/14 Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
Electrical & Electronic Products Goods 2023/12/01 2023/12/18 Royal Canadian Mounted Police
RFQ 23-016 Quesnel Boiler Upgrade Phase 1 2023/12/01 2023/12/12 College of New Caledonia
2023/12/08 Centre d'acquisitions…
PSECA Outreach Support Services Services 2023/12/01
2024/01/09 Child Intervention
Master Agreement for Creative Services Services 2023/12/01
2026/06/01 Communications and Public Engagement
Self Contained Breathing Apparatus and Breathing Air Systems with… Goods 2023/12/01 2024/01/18 Saskatchewan Association of Rural…
Sponsorship Opportunities Services 2023/12/01 2024/01/16 Millet
CON0017206, Engineering Consultant Services for pre-tender and post-… Services 2023/12/01
2024/01/10 Alberta Transportation & Economic…
Holy Rosary High School Roof Replacement Construction 2023/12/01
2023/12/06 Lloydminster Roman Catholic Separate…
CRM Digital Skills Training 2023/12/01 2023/12/27 Innovate BC
F1528-230023 - Fish Pump Goods 2023/12/01
2023/12/04 Department of Public Works and Government…
RFP 2023-04 Horizontal Two Ram Auto-Tie Baler with Sliding Bed Conveyor 2023/12/01 2023/12/21 North Coast Regional District
RFP-09-23 Hoskyn Channel Landing Float and Gangway Replacement 2023/12/01
2023/12/22 Strathcona Regional District
Overhaul & Supply of MKII & III Wheelset Assembly 2023/12/01
2023/12/12 BC Rapid Transit (Skytrain)
Parks Master Plan for the Town of Osoyoos RFP 2023/12/01
2023/12/19 Town of Osoyoos
Prelim. Des. of Major Rehab. of Grade Sep. Struc. over CNR/CPR Track on… Construction 2023/12/01 2024/01/11 Manitoba Infrastructure - Contract…
RFP #CAO2024-01 SUB-REGIONAL FLOOD HAZARD/FLOOD MANAGEMENT PLANS – LOWER… 2023/12/01 2024/01/30 District of Hope
Request for Proposals for Compensation Consulting Services 2023/12/01 2024/01/31 British Columbia Securities Commission
Septic Waste Hauling and Disposal Services at Fort Nelson Generating… 2023/12/01 2023/12/20 British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority
Liard Hot Springs Park Ranger Cabins Fabrication & Installation Construction 2023/12/01 2024/01/11 BC Parks - Provincial Services Branch
F1782-23C143 - CCGS Gordon Reid - Alongside Refit Goods 2023/12/01
2023/12/12 Canadian Coast Guard (CCG)
Maple Ridge Park New Playground Construction 2023/12/01 2024/01/15 City of Maple Ridge
Podium Waterproofing Repairs and Drainage, Life Sciences Centre (LSC) Construction 2023/12/01 2024/01/12 Dalhousie University
RFO 23-130 City Park Bedding Plants 2024 2023/12/01 2023/12/19 City of Campbell River
SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF STEEL PILES AND STEEL TIPS Goods 2023/12/01 2023/12/14 Manitoba Infrastructure - Contract…
Multiple Victoria-Class Spares: Bracket Locking Bolt; Locking Bolt; Pin… Goods 2023/12/01 2024/01/25 Department of National Defence
Project Administrator Intermediate Services 2023/12/01 2024/01/05 Department of National Defence
Supply and Delivery of Two (2) Diesel Utility Work Machines Goods 2023/12/01 2023/12/15 Halifax Regional Municipality
Community Assessment Parole Supervision (CAPS) Peace River Services 2023/12/01 2023/12/18 Correctional Service Canada
Translation, Editing and Transcription Services for regular and urgent… Services 2023/12/01 2024/01/09 Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)
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List of award notices. The columns are sortable in ascending and descending order.
Title Category Award/amendment date Closing date Organization
Service Delivery and Organization Transformation and Costing Renewal Services 2025/05/30 2025/06/30 Employment and Social Development Canada…
Janitorial Services ISED Shirleys Bay Campus Services 2024/11/30 2024/10/31 Innovation, Science and Economic…
EZ974-232141A Appraisal of Goose Spit Property Services 2024/09/29 2024/03/31 Department of Public Works and Government…
Slip, Trip, and Fall Simulator Goods, Services 2024/05/01 2025/12/01 Canada Post Corporation
Long-Term Cloud Services Requirement Services 2024/05/01 2034/05/27 Shared Services Canada
TAM air calorimeters for cement and concrete samples Goods 2024/03/29 2024/03/29 National Research Council Canada
SEAL,PLAIN Goods 2023/12/29 N/A Department of National Defence
Small Arms Shock Amplifier Goods 2023/12/07 N/A Department of National Defence
W0106-20S017 - RISO Snowmobile rental - Location de motoneiges Haute-… Services 2023/12/03
2024/05/31 Department of National Defence (DND)
TBIPS DEFENCEX Stream 1 for DND Services 2023/12/02
2025/10/19 Department of National Defence (DND)
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List of contract history information. The columns are sortable in ascending and descending order.
Company name Contract number Organization Award/amendment date Contract / Amendment value
Cunningham & Rivard Appraisals (Nanaimo) Ltd CW2327768 Department of Public Works and Government… 2024/09/29 CAD 81,375.00
Environics Research CW2268152 Department of Women and Gender Equality (… 2024/01/12 CAD 81,925.00
Location de motoneiges haute Matawinie Inc. W0106-20S017/001/QCN Department of National Defence (DND) 2023/12/03
CAD 0.00
Expedition Rentals CW2337893 Department of National Defence (DND) 2023/12/02
CAD 0.00
Quantum Management Services Limited W0130-21L500/001/QCL Department of National Defence (DND) 2023/12/02
CAD 18,930,997.07
Nake Sela CW2337885 Department of National Defence (DND) 2023/12/02
CAD 0.00
SECURE ENERGY SERVICES INC CW2312235 Department of the Environment (ECCC ) 2023/12/02
CAD 254,239.53
Ernst & Young LLP CW2320816 Department of National Defence (DND) 2023/12/02
CAD 6,780,000.00
PCL CONSTRUCTORS CANADA INC, ELLISDON CORPORATION, In Joint Venture EP748-151886/001/FQ Department of Public Works and Government… 2023/12/02
CAD 2,858,077,450.80
DSRA Architecture CW2273001 Department of Public Works and Government… 2023/12/02
CAD -6,040.26

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