How to get a CanadaBuys account

Are you a buyer for the Canadian public service? Do you need to publish tender notices and manage contracts for your organization? Find out how to get started with CanadaBuys!


Getting a CanadaBuys account is the first step in posting notices. Find out how, from making the request to logging in for the first time.

Request an account

Contact the Service Desk using our email form to request an account. Select “Account login / password resets” under section 2 of the form while filling it in.

Complete the form to request an account

Set up your login profile

Need help setting up your account and logging in for the first time? We can walk you through the process.

Read our step-by-step log in guide

Sign up for training

You'll be automatically registered for training once you submit a request for an account. You’ll also receive credentials for a training account by email. Keep an eye out for more information in your inbox!

Log in to your account

You’ll only need to log in to your CanadaBuys account to access your available procurement tools. No multiple log ins necessary!

Log in and start using your procurement tools


Learn more about the tools available to you as buyers from Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC), other departments or the broader Canadian public sector. You’ll find helpful resources that guide you through how to use them.

If you’re a PSPC buyer, use this tool to manage your contracts, from sourcing to awarding a contract.

If you’re a PSPC buyer, use this tool to submit a technical issue to the CanadaBuys Service Desk.

If you’re a buyer outside of PSPC, use this tool to create and publish tender and award notices.

If you’re an eligible government buyer, use this tool to manage and find standing offers and supply arrangements in one location.

Supply Manual

Learn more about the policies and procedures that guide contracting officers in offering procurement services.

Consult the Supply Manual

Useful links

Procurement advice and support

Get advice and support to help you with your procurement goals.

Forms catalogue

Search the collection of forms you’ll need for your procurement activities.

Security requirements checklist (SRCL)

Learn how to complete the SRCL, a form needed for contracts with security requirements.

Customer Information System

Find names and addresses of customers who have received goods and services through PSPC.

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